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April 29, 2016.Style

It is no secret that I am obsessed with finding deals at thrift shops; the cheaper, the better. I therefore decided to only wear second-hand clothes for this look. Unfortunately, thrift stores in NYC have become extremely overpriced over the years, but Brooklyn still has some decently priced ones with awesome selection (like Urban Jungle!). While NYC does a great job at offering second-hand clothing, Los Angeles is my absolute favorite place to go thrifting. The bigger thrift stores in the less commercial areas are particularly worth visiting. The Banana Republic pants I am wearing, for instance, were bought in LA for a mere $7. I picked up 5 more pants for the same price during my most recent trip. I will definitely compile a list of my favorite thrift stores in the future!

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February 20, 2016.Style
Steven Willem Slagt Amsterdam 6

Like every other year, I returned to the Netherlands for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It was incredible to reunite with my family and friends after such a tumultuous year. While I keep in close contact with my family through technology, there are times that I get homesick and wish I had my family here. To give you some background, I was born and raised in a smaller city in the eastern part of The Netherlands called Deventer. Even though I moved to Amsterdam when I was 15 and consider it “my” city, my parents still live in Deventer and I therefore celebrated Christmas there.

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December 18, 2015.Style
Jack Threads x State Of Silver 7

I used to only shop in-store to scout the newest looks, but recently I’ve discovered that shopping online provides so much more in terms of style selection and sizing information. I have left my fingerprints (and payment info) on many e-commerce sites, but JackThreads is one of those sites that I just keep returning to. For this week’s post, JackThreads and I decided to team up and showcase some pieces of their awesome and very first private label collection.

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December 9, 2015.Style
Gift List

I am so excited that the Holidays are fast approaching, as I get to go back home and enjoy some quality time with friends & family. While many agree that Christmas is the greatest time of year, it can be quite stressful finding gifts for your loved ones. If you are still searching for the perfect present for the special men in your life, fear no more! From cologne to candles, watches to wallets, and books to bags, I have compiled a list of 12 incredible gifts that will please even the pickiest of guys. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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November 25, 2015.Style
TriBeCa 1

New York City is full of interesting neighborhoods, one of which TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal). While the neighborhood doesn’t have the best shopping or nightlife, the relatively quiet streets and incredible restaurants make TriBeCa a true charm. This week, I decided to explore the chic neighborhood and show off some of my newest Fall obsessions.

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