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March 18, 2016.Travel
State of Silver LA Hotspots

With its warm weather, beautiful people, and fun atmosphere, Los Angeles is my happy place. Growing up in the Netherlands watching Beverly Hills, 90210, I knew that I would one day end up in sunny California. While I have not made the move to the West Coast yet, I am very blessed to have my BFF Amy live in West Hollywood. This, of course, makes it easy and fun for me to visit as often as possible. Since I hadn’t visited LA in over a year, I decided against spending Valentine’s Day alone and booked a spontaneous trip to Los Angeles for a well deserved reunion. Having spent 4 years together in college, it has been difficult living so far away from each other, which made it so, so fantastic to catch up. As usual, we spent our time tanning, shopping, and, of course, eating. Being vegetarian can be complicated in strange cities, but Los Angeles luckily offers a plethora of options. To help my fellow veggies out, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite spots in LA.

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