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November 4, 2015.Steven Willem.2 Likes.0 Comments
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Jacket & Jeans: H&M | Sweater: New Look | Shoes: Rag & Bone | Socks: Ace & Everett


Autumn is in full swing here in New York City, and I am loving it. The new fashion trends, foliage, and the crisp air make me truly appreciate the city before we enter the dreadful annual ice age. To take advantage of NYC’s beautiful fall colors, I decided to take a walk along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side.

For this week’s look, I was inspired by the up-and-coming luxury sock brand Ace & Everett. The company was founded in 2014 by the two Disch brothers, one of whom I actually attended college with. The socks are designed in NYC and manufactured in North Carolina with high-quality, organic Supima cotton. The collection has a wide array of interesting designs that all reflect different facets of NYC lifestyle. While all designs are super stylish, my favorite pair is the classic Humzilla sock, representing a vision of the city as seen from above. I am obsessed with these socks, so you’ll probably see me wearing more of Ace & Everett in the future!

Other than the socks, I am wearing a faux suede biker jacket with snake skin pattern by H&M. While I normally don’t shop at H&M for anything besides jeans, I randomly stumbled upon this jacket and am so glad I did. The lightweight jacket is perfect for the warm autumn weather and adds character to any outfit. The New Look turtleneck in midnight blue was part of my binge turtleneck order (yes, I bought 15 turtlenecks and kept them all) — I love the knit design. The suede Rag & Bone shoes are the perfect finish to this outfit and match perfectly with the Ace & Everett socks.

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